What’s on your list?


For 17 years, I was part of a National Ministry based out of Kelowna. During my time there, I was blessed to do many things and meet people from across Canada who were passionate about serving God through their local church. 
One of the strengths of our team came from our daily staff meetings first thing in the morning. Everyone would be there and the purpose was to give the best part of our day to our Heavenly Father first. This time would run usually from 8 – 8:30 and would look different each day depending on who was leading that particular morning.
One morning, as we were sitting around the boardroom table ready to start, I said “ok so who’s leading today?” I was a little caught off guard when people looked at me and said, “you are on the schedule for today.”
I looked around the table at the 20 or so staff and then an idea came to me. I stood at our white board and told the team that for the next five minutes I wanted them to shout out all the things that they spend time thinking about during any given week. It was hard to keep up and write fast enough as the things were shouted out by the team. After five minutes had passed, we all stopped and looked at the board. It was full! There was over 50 things on the board.
The first comment I made was that this was not the whole list. There wasn’t one negative thing on the board and I know we do not only think about positive things. I asked the team to look it over and I asked them if this is typical for each person there. Everyone said yes.
The next thing I did was remind them that 3 of our team members had recently travelled to Kenya with one of our ministry partners. While there, they had served in an orphanage. I asked the team to think about the people they met while serving there and said let’s circle the things on our list that would also be on their list. This was a little slower process but we were able to circle four things: God, Food, Shelter and Education. I’m sure there could have been more, but that’s all we circled from our list to theirs. I pointed out to our team that our list of 50 things were not bad things, but realize that on our list, God is 1 of 50. On the other list, God is 1 of 4. Makes you think.
What’s on your list?