Morning Pryaer

My wife Brenda and I were driving home from a weekend retreat in Steinbach Manitoba back in October. We chose to drive to and from the event as we both love road trips and spending time together. We spent two days getting to the retreat, and two days getting home – overnighting in Calgary at my sister and brother-in-law’s home. We had a great visit with them that evening and the next morning. I shared with my brother-in-law about how a big part of the retreat weekend was focused on prayer. We spent the next two hours sharing stories of God speaking to His people, and what that looks like today, and then it was time for Brenda and I to get on the road to home.

Two hours into the drive through the mountains, I found myself thinking about the weekend, and a lot about the conversation with my brother-in-law. You see, I have found myself to be slowly moving closer to Jesus, but I do emphasize slowly. I realized that to get where I wanted to go in my relationship with Jesus, I needed to spend more time with Him. It was then that I prayed in a way that many say we shouldn’t. I challenged God; “If You want to spend more time with me, You will have to get me up earlier”. I even put a time on it, I said to God, “Anytime that I wake up after 5am, I will get up and we will spend that time together until my family gets up”, sometime between 6:30 and 7:00am.

Well it’s been six months now, I see 5:00 am pretty much every day. The first month I couldn’t believe that I was getting up that early, and to be honest, I didn’t look forward to it. Sometimes I would wake up at 4:45am and actually say to God, “It’s too early I’m going back to sleep”. I would close my eyes and nod off – a few minutes later, I would open my eyes and see 5:01, and know it was time to get up.

How is it now? When I go to bed, I can’t wait until morning to see what my Father has in store for me! Between praying, reading, listening and journaling, the time goes by too fast sometimes. My time with my Father is the most important time of my day, and I thank Him each day for listening to, speaking to, and wanting to spend time with me.