I have been married now for 27 years and my wife and I have had the privilege of raising 4 children. Our plan right from the start was to have a bunch of kids early on so that by the time we were 50 they would each be on their own journey as adults and we would be able to cheer them on in whatever they were doing. I’m now 47 and so far so good. I love my children and am thankful that I get to be their dad. 
When my kids were young, most nights we played a game just before bed. I would tell them a story and almost always start it off with…”Ok I’m going to tell you a story about the time that…” then one of my kids would yell out a number and that meant my story had to be about me when I was whatever age they said. The game part was that when the story was over they had to each guess if the story was true or if I made it up. I loved it when I shared a story with them that was true and they all thought I had made it up.
My kids loved stories about when I was 16-19. Many of the stories during this time included VW Bugs, VW Vans, VW Dune Buggies, and VW Things. I had a lot of adventures in those cars with great friends. From trying to see if VW Bugs really float (they don’t…at least mine didn’t) to seeing how many teens we could fit in a VW Van for a youth event and then driving it around my friend’s blueberry farm. 
Fast forward 15 years and my oldest son is on his 6th VW, my second son is on his 4th and my daughter is on her 3rd. My youngest son is 16 and will get his licence this fall.
I never intentionally planned that my kids would all love VW’s, but it happened. The stories I shared with them had an impact on them that I never saw coming. Now when I look back on the last 23 years since my first son was born, it makes me wonder what else I shared with each of them that I will see in them, in the future.
Now I’m looking forward to sharing stories with grandchildren one day. Knowing that the stories I share with them may become part of who they are when they are older, I may be a little more intentional this time though.